Ever thought of becoming your own boss? Wish to become the maker of your own destiny? Or maybe empower yourself to make a significant difference in your life? If you have had any of these thoughts cross your mind and desire to act on them, then look no further and head to Empower network to give substance to your dreams.

Many internet marketers love to tell their story in a variety of ways, and while their type can be judged as hype, they are often trying to be optimistic and positive. The status and stance about their business opportunity can come off very spammy and sound like a scam. 

Let's review the Empower Network Kalatu blog and see if it is the right fit for you in 2015.

The Renown Empowered Founders

The story behind the founding of The Empower Network, one of the most visited websites online, is nothing but inspirational. David Sharpe and David Wood, the co-founders of the highly successful network marketing model, have achieved in under a year what most companies are unable to achieve in their lifetime.

Sharpe went from living in a van and being completely broke to co-running one of the biggest network marketing website in the world. Wood too was barely making ends meet working in a construction company. That’s when he too decided to take charge and get ahead in the race. It is a true mark of their success that their Facebook page was shut down due to excessive web traffic being directed at the company’s page.

Company Highlights

One of the fastest growing network marketing companies, Empower Network grew to over forty thousand active members and has paid out about 130 million USD  in commissions to its associates. Couple this with the fact that it achieved this milestone in less than 10 months and you get the definition of a powerhouse company. It is one of the few websites which had to be shut down because its servers could not handle the amount of web traffic it was receiving! That is why many thought that their leaders were spamming every hour of every day.

If this is not enough, the company’s merchant account had to be shut a couple of times as it could not handle the amount and the rate at which money was flowing into the account.

 Empower Network Remarkable Compensation Plans

One of the most significant aspects of this model is its ability to give a 100% commission to its members. The compensation structure enables  members to earn commissions every minute, hour, day, and week. To be a part of this astonishing compensation plan one needs to sign up with the Empower Network affiliate program. This is not like the iPAS2 affiliate program as it gives you resale rights for the purchased programs and upgrades. You may earn anywhere between $25 to thousands of dollars by sponsoring new members in the network.

Membership Perks

The monthly basic membership package gives the user access to the viral blogging platform. With a simple yet effective interface, the membership provides you with the chance to operate your own blogging platform on the company’s domain. Along with no hosting fees and hassle- free of setting up of the system, the membership also provides fast start video training. Upgrading to other membership levels gives additional perks and services. Hence, the program not only allows you to develop business skills but also earn commissions of all of their products.

If you too share the vision and outlook that Empower Network reviews and stands for, then go ahead and give it a try, they offer a great and legit program that has already help thousands of affiliates enjoy success online.